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The Future Is Female 


We believe that women are the cornerstone of our society. We empower young girls and equip them with skills that will allow them to shatter the glass ceiling. Through education, entrepreneurship, and technology, we prepare them to transform their communities and lead the world into a brighter future.



The Magic of Sisterhood 



"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." African Proverb


We unite girls from different schools, backgrounds, regions and provide them with opportunities to interact with people with the same passion and dreams. We value the spirit of teamwork and create spaces for young women to support one another.

"She believed she could, so she did."

Our Mission

 Since 2017,

we have created opportunities for young girls to discover their passion or talent and build a bridge between those who aspire to be and those who are already fulfilling their dreams.


Through workshops, retreats, talks and bootcamps, we want to expose young girls to different career options, acquire basic technical skills, and reach out to a network of successful women.  

Our Vision 

We envision a peaceful and prosperous Burundi where more women will participate in the decision-making process, and where every girl can become anything she wants. 


We are raising a generation of women who will build the country up and create a safe environment for both men and women.


Founder and CEO

Five years ago, I got admitted into Wellesley College, a top leading women's college in the United States. Wellesley opened many opportunities for me and inspired me to support other women who strongly desire to break barriers despite social, cultural and economic constraints. In my second year, I started this initiative with a goal to provide young women in Burundi with the academic and social support they need to achieve their dreams. I chose to return home upon graduation to build this initiative up because I believe in the power of safe spaces in helping young women unlock their potential. Sisters In Success is a dream for me, a dream to raise a generation of women who will not be too shy or too afraid to lead their communities into a better future.


Meet The Team

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Arlette Mugisha

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Professional Development 


Laura Alida Iradukunda

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Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy

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Divine Nduwimana

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Arts & Crafts

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Ange Christa Dushime

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Administrative Assistant

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