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Sisters In Success organized the first Sisters camp in August 2017 with 24 high school students from various provinces in Burundi. It was an intensive one-week program where students stayed in a boarding school and participated in several activities including lectures, workshops, networking sessions and field trips. The camp focused on public speaking, financial literacy, college prep, career guidance, and health and wellness.

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Did you know that there are opportunities available for Burundian students to study abroad on scholarships? Well, Sisters In Success gave participants all the details on how to find them and connected them with students who already benefited from them. 

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Our retreat would not be as much fun without the contribution of our guest speakers who offered us their time and used their stories to inspire the next generation of women leaders. 



If you are going to school everyday not knowing exactly what you want to do after, you are welcome at the next SIS. High school does not usually tell students a lot about life after school and how to prepare for that. We brought in an expert to teach how to choose a career and how to turn those extracurricular activities into real work experiences.

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Living in a culture that promotes shyness in young girls can be hard on their professional development. We helped them improve their public speaking skills and encouraged them to be bold enough to use their voices to speak up in public.

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Parents might not trust you with money, but we do. We believe that young girls need to learn from an early age the value of money and how to save or acquire capital for your small projects. With years of expertise in managing women micro credit programs, our trusted partner left our participants with the knowledge and skills to start one in their respective communities.



All we teach young girls would be vain if it weren't for their health and wellness. It is no secret that sexual and reproductive health is a difficult topic for many parents. We therefore created a safe space for only young women to express their concerns, ask questions and learn from elder women. 

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