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Sisters In Success organized a series of workshops from December 29th to January 20th in 2018. In each workshop, participants spent the whole day learning and discussing different topics in one of the four areas they chose. It was also an opportunity for them to get to network with people in the chosen field who are already pursuing their dream career as well as other girls who share the same passion.


This was a great opportunity for young girls to not only get basic entrepreneurial skills but to also network and learn from other successful female entrepreneurs.

 At Sisters In Success, we love boss ladies.



Name five female Burundian photographers you know ... that's what we thought. Photography is a skill that is still dominantly masculine despite that it is one of the highest paying gigs in Bujumbura. Our session helped to familiarize students with a camera and basic photography skills and exposed them to a network of  professional Burundian photographers. 

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Are you tired of people judging your computer skills? You are not alone. Too many young girls are afraid of technology because they were told that it was meant for boys. Well, our sessions on technology left our participants feeling more confident and knowledgeable on how to build a mobile application or a website. 



We could ask you to name five Burundian female comedians but you have probably been at every Kigingi Summer Comedy show and couldn't find one. Yet, you know your girlfriends are very funny but why don't we see them on stage? We organized sessions for girls to be comfortable in their shoes and act silly in public without the fear of being judged. Not everyone can be a comedian but it is proven that a good sense of humour can get you far in life.

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